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Welcome Back Nursery - Important Information for Nursery Parent/Carers

Welcome Back Nursery - Important Information for Nursery Parent/Carers

Information for Nursery Parent/Carers ahead of the Nursery return to school on 4th June 2020.

Dear Parents and Carers of OAC Nursery,

As you will all will have heard the government has announced that schools are going to start reopening from the 1st June, 2020 beginning with small classes of Nursery, year R, tear 1 and year 6 children. So much will be different for those coming back however the most important part of Connaught that ConnaughtCares will stay the same.

At OAC we have spent a very long time coming up with a way we can welcome children back safely. We know that some of you want your children to come back and some of you don’t and for some of you the decision is really difficult. You will have already told Miss Eves if you want a place.  If you have said no you can change your mind but children will only be allowed to start back the following Monday after you have phoned or emailed the office 01275 894 590.

Each child will be allocated a bubble and this bubble will be the only children and staff they interact with. Any child or staff member showing any symptoms or any who live with someone who has symptoms will NOT be allowed in school. Temperatures will be taken daily at the classroom door and for staff on arrival at work.

1.       Bubbles will never be above 10 children – this is well below the government suggestion of 15 children. This means children will have lots of space to play and explore without being too close to each other.

2.       Each bubble will have their own boxes with their own resources in them – this includes toys, cups, papers, pens etc.

3.       Bubbles with have timetabled toilet breaks and outside play so they can get fresh air.

4.       No late children will be able to come to school and parents may not come into the school office apart from via the social distance lines.

5.       The Academy will be open to children Monday to Thursday only so Miss Eves has time to plan and prepare home learning etc… for other children.

6.      Any child who purposely breaks the rules will be sent home and not allowed back the next day for their safety.

7.       There will be an insistence on regular hand washing and the cleaning of the classroom, toilets etc will be constant across the day.

8.       Children will have to be in different clothes every day of the week – this does NOT have to be uniform.

9.      Children can bring their bike/ scooter for breaks – they will not be allowed to share them.

Nursery will start back on Thursday 4th June and Miss Eves will let you know if your child is in the Morning group or the afternoon group. If your child is Morning group they can be dropped off between 8.30-8.55 and be collected at 11:00. If your child is in the afternoon group they start at 12:15 and can be collected between 2:15 – 2:45. We ask where possible it is just one person to collect per child. Children are not to bring bags, toys or bottles to school. Please put sun cream on your child each morning.

There will be another letter available under latest news on the Academy website.

Yours truly

Miss Eves