Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Connaught Achieves Coveted Eco-Schools Green Flag

Connaught Achieves Coveted Eco-Schools Green Flag

Last week we were delighted when our green flag arrived confirming our Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

This is given to schools that have proven they are committed to making their grounds and local area more eco-friendly. The flag can now be seen flying proudly outside the Connaught entrance, so keep your eyes peeled next time you arrive!

This could not have been possible without the tireless work of our Eco Warriors. They have been participating in the Eco-Schools program, which supports schools and empowers young people to make a positive difference in the environment. Last year the Eco Warriors focused on three main topics: Biodiversity, Litter and Energy. They completed multiple projects such as constructing an academy bug hotel and undertaking a community litter pick on the Northern Slopes. Evidence of this amazing work was sent to Eco Schools for assessment and we were awarded the coveted Green Flag!

The Eco Warriors were over the moon that Eco-Schools acknowledged their hard work. Bella and Zuzanna, two of our Eco Warriors in Year 6 said “It feels amazing to achieve the Green Flag because we earnt it!”

The Eco Warriors are determined to continue their good work. This year they are focusing on two new topics: Marine and Waste, alongside Biodiversity. One amazing highlight so far has been reducing waste by ensuring all plate scrapings from lunchtime are collected in special bins to be recycled.

The Eco Warriors’ attitude has been exemplary throughout all their work. They developed a rota and gave up their lunchtimes to help ensure all the food was sorted correctly. They behaved professionally, took their task seriously and continue to champion the importance of respecting our planet. Seeing them constantly strive for more, even after achieving the Green Flag, has been fantastic.

Their next job is to look at the data showing the amount of food saved from going to landfill and create a report for Mrs. Fraser.

Demonstrating Oasis Academy Connaught’s commitment to being environmentally friendly is clearly a priority to our young people. "Earning the Green Flag is great because it shows the world we're Eco Warriors!" – Hannah, Year 5 Eco Warrior.

Connaught is incredibly proud of our Eco Warriors. They represent the school and channel our values perfectly. Especially the Connaught value of “Be Brave. Be brave enough to make good choices, to take good risks and make the world a better place”.

Mr. George, our Eco Coordinator, had this to say: "I'm so proud of all the children's hard work, they are all working towards making our school, community and planet a more sustainable place. The Eco-Schools Green Flag is a great achievement".