Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

At Connaught we teach an exciting and creative curriculum that takes account of the latest research on how our children think and learn. We encourage our learners to achieve their very best and to ensure they develop their skills and talents in all aspects of intellectual, social and physical development.

We teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds Scheme and we teach literacy using Power of Reading. PSHE is taught using Jigsaw.

Phase 1
Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

In Year 1 the curriculum transfers   to the National Curriculum

Phase 2
Year 2- Year 4

Using the National Curriculum as a basis we use a skills based curriculum and teach through quality texts and topics

Phase 3
Year 5-Year 6

Using the National Curriculum as a basis we use a skills based curriculum and teach through quality texts and topics

At Oasis Academy Connaught children are with us from the age of 3 until they are 11. Some children will also have attended the nursery and will work their way up the school from there. During those 7 years of school we make sure that children learn to read, write and communicate effectively as well as making sure they develop good mathematical skills. Daily lessons in Maths and English develop these skills and there are many opportunities for them to practise their skills across the school day.

We use a balance of formal lessons and experiences which develop knowledge and understanding of the world are encouraged. There are a range of academic lessons and opportunities to develop practical skills. The curriculum includes Maths, English, Scicnece. PE, History, Geography, Design Technology and ICT. There are also opportunities to be involved in the school choir, dance club, African drumming, and the rock band. Pupils can also take part in chess lessons and join football club. We also learn about healthy eating in the Academy. There is a chance to learn more about the Academy’s local community and the city of Bristol, and year 6 students go on camp.   

In each year group children study the required National Curriculum subjects, Maths, English, Science,

Every day the amount of knowledge in the world grows.

At Oasis Academy Connaught we believe that it is important to teach children the skills to be able to find out and use the knowledge that they need, when they need it. Our teaching is focused on developing children’s generic learning and thinking skills as well as subject specific skills.

We prioritise developing the key skills identified in the National Curriculum as follows:

  • Communication: This includes the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and using them across the curriculum and in everyday situations.
  • Application of Numbers: this includes developing mental and written calculation skills, using data, interpreting measurements and being able to use these skills in different subjects and everyday situations.
  • Information & Communication Technology: As computers become increasingly more important in all aspect of life, learners needs to be able to choose ICT tools to find. Analyse, interpret, evaluate and present information. They need to be able to decide when and how to use ICT. The academy has excellent computer facilities.
  • Learning to Learn: This is a process of discovery about learning It involves a set of principles and skills which, if understood and used, helps learners learn more effectively and become learners for life.
  • Problem Solving: We embed problem solving in all areas of the curriculum to help children develop skills and strategies linked to them.

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