Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

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We focus all of our geography, history, science, art and design learning into the Learning Challenge curriculum (LCC). This means that instead of discrete lessons in the above subjects every week, we tie them all together under a Learning Challenge question. This question will then be investigated over half a term or a full term, allowing greater engagement in learning as each lesson feeds into a bigger picture. By the end of the term/half-term, the children will have learnt everything required to be able to offer a response to the original question.

Each year group follows its own set of challenges that always has a science focus and either a history or a geography focus to accompany it. For example, Year 3’s first LC was ‘What makes the Earth angry? and their secondary focus with a science  slant: was ‘What do rocks tell us about the earth?’

The curriculum is tailored to the children's interests to ensure maximum engagement and progress in learning. So, in Year 1 the children learned about ‘Where do and Where did the wheels on the bus go’. While Year 4 looked at ‘Why is Bristol the coolest place to live’. 

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For any curriculum enquiries please get in touch with David Wayland via the school admin phone line on 01275 894 590.