Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Eco Warriors


Over the last three years, we've been doing our bit towards helping the environment, community and planet here at Oasis Academy Connaught. 




Our eco-warriors have been central to this task. Initially an informal - but enthusiastic! - group of year 5 students, the role has evolved into a dedicated team who work and tend our Connaught Garden with Mr George (below).

Eco Warriors have been involved in a wide variety of activities. These have included:

- Litter picking on the school field

- Planting fruit and oak trees

- Growing plants and vegetables from seed

- Preparing soil for planters

- Sowing wildflowers

- Composting and re-wilding selected areas around the academy to promote biodiversity

This work is important as it allows our students to become deeply involved with the natural world.

Being an Eco Warrior means seeing first-hand how food chains work, how plants germinate and grow, how the seasons change throughout the year and witness the positive impact they can make to their local environment. 

An exciting development this year is our Eco Warriors taking part in the Eco Schools - the largest network of teachers and students in the world.

This is an international education program which aims to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action orientated, and socially responsible learning. Eco Schools operates in 67 countries, involving 51,000 schools, and over 19,000,000 students!

Our Eco Warriors have been working exceptionally hard this year, and we look forward to their efforts being officially recognised and accredited, whilst exploring other areas we could make improvements to our eco credentials.

This years Eco Warriors are composed of year 5 and 6 students and meet weekly. Guaranteed activities include:

- Energy conservation

- Building a bug hotel

- Seed sowing

- Growing from seed and expanding, managing and maintaining our Connaught Garden