Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Leadership Team


To become a member of the Student Leadership Team, year 6 pupils must make and present a pitch to their fellow year 6s. Every year 6 pupil then votes for who they think would be the most suitable members of the team. 

The Student Leadership Team meets every term with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and sometimes our Regional Director.

During these meetings, the Student Leadership Team looks at the ongoing work occurring in Connaught, considers what needs improving and the most efficient ways to make improvements. They adopt a strategic approach to bring long term, meaningful change to the academy. 

Each member has a specific area they are tasked with focusing on: EYFS, Leadership, Behaviour, Quality of Education, Personal Development/ Mental Health and Safeguarding. This helps them focus on the smaller details and specialise in their role. 

The Student Leadership Team review Connaught life from the perspective of our pupils to give staff a unique insight into what's going well and what could be improved. This ensures we're always moving in the right direction and working on projects to improve school life for everyone.

Past Projects: 

  • Created scripts for younger children to help them with their manners in the dining hall.
  • Analysed attendance data.
  • Audited mental health resources for pupils.
  • Evaluated personal development opportunities in the academy. 
  • Removed a website from the school WiFi that was deemed potentially harmful.

Current Projects: 

  • Meeting with our Regional Director regularly to evaluate the leadership in the academy and the quality of education. 
  • Working with staff leaders to evaluate the academy's safeguarding protocol.