Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Mini Police

We are incredibly proud of the Oasis Academy Connaught Mini Police!

As the first cohort in Avon and Somerset Police’s new Mini Police, our young people are an extension of their Volunteer Police Cadets.

“The idea of the Mini Police is to build relationships with children at a young age, give them an insight into what policing is all about, and engage with them so that they see us as friends who are part of their communities, rather than people to be suspicious of. We hope that being part of the policing family from a young age will lay the foundations for future career aspirations and help these kids to make the right choices in life.

“We are already doing a lot of early intervention work in this part of Bristol and have good links with the school, which is why they were selected to take part in the pilot. If the scheme is successful here, and we can get enough volunteers on board to run it, then we will be looking to roll it out more widely in Avon and Somerset.” (Neighbourhood Sergeant Alecto Shyne).

The scheme gives our young people some great experiences over the next year, and we are hopeful this pilot scheme grows into something bigger across other local schools.

Our exceptional young people were selected through an interview process with the school’s Assistant Principal and Learning Mentor, as well as Sergeant Shyne. During their time in the Mini Police, the children part in a range of activities and trips, which will help to develop their understanding of the police, as well as to build links within their community.