Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Joining Our Nursery 

At Oasis Academy Connaught we understand starting Nursery is a huge change for children (and families). We know that it is vital for children to feel safe and secure therefore we have put into place a general transition. However, as all children are unique, to support this transition to be as smooth as possible, we ensure it is individual to each child starting with us and we go at the pace of the child with support of their family. Our induction allows children to become familiar with the setting and staff enabling them to settle well.

Stay and Play Sessions

Before your child starts with us they will have 2 Stay and Play sessions. This will be a time for you to help your child settle and show them that it is a safe and fun place to be! It is a great time to discuss your child with staff, so they can learn all of the wonderful information unique to your child, such as what helps them settle and how you are both feeling about them starting Nursery! It is a time for you to learn about what happens at Nursery, such as how the children learn and our routines. This will make dropping off in the morning less scary for your child and for you!

Home Visits

Before your child starts at Nursery, the Nursery teacher and Parent Liaison will visit your child and you at home. For many children this will be their first time being away from home and we want them to feel confident and secure with the new staff. This is very special as it helps the child feel safe in their own surroundings and is always a lovely memory that children talk about even when they are older! This gives families a chance to talk openly about any of their concerns in a private environment.

Home Learning Bags

To help children get ready for Nursery we provide children with a home learning bag. This supports children in “getting ready for Nursery”. It also helps families understand our curriculum. It promotes 5 To Thrive- the 5 key things a child/baby needs to help their brain development. They are- Cuddle, Play, Talk, Respond and Relax.