Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Our Learning Spaces

We believe that play, both indoors and outdoors, is an ideal vehicle for young children’s’ learning as it provides valuable stimulating opportunities which help children to explore, investigate and make sense of the world around them. Play allows children to be challenged in their thinking and helps them to practice and rehearse skills and to be motivated in their learning.

Our learning environment enhances children’s learning development of the seven areas of learning. Indoors we have a: reading area, water tray, writing area, maths area, playdough area, small world area, construction area, home corner, art area and fiddly fingers area.  Other areas are added depending on children’s interests.

Outside we have a vast space including: outdoor classroom, pirate ship, reading tipi, water area, mud kitchen, den area, gardening area, bikes and scooters and much more! The resources link to the needs and interests of the children to help them be motivated and progress.

We ensure that all of our play areas our kept clean and safe.