Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community



The school’s work with the community it serves is exemplary. Staff have an excellent understanding of the school’s context and this allows them to plan effectively for pupils’ academic and personal development.
Ofsted, 2018

Following our Ofsted inspection in October 2018, the Academy is proud to be a 'Good' school!

When Ofsted inspected the Academy they found:

  • For the last three years, the progress made by pupils at key stage 2 has been above or in line with the national average.
  • Leaders have established a strong culture of safeguarding. Keeping children safe is at the heart of everything the school does.
  • The provision for children in the early years is strong. Children get off to a good start to their education and make quick progress from typically low starting points.
  • Teachers know their pupils well and use this effectively to plan their learning. Sometimes, however, teachers do not pay close enough attention to what pupils already know and can do when planning for pupils’ next steps or assessing their work.

A full copy of Ofsted's Inspection Report can be viewed and downloaded here

To see a full list of previous inspections along with our current report, please visit the Ofsted website